By pursuing sustainability in their operations and innovations, companies can become future-proof and attract financiers, shareholders and talented workers. However, the challenge for those companies is to identify how to incorporate sustainability into their core strategies.

Every sector faces its own sustainability issues. The government is encouraging this change through rules and regulations, and opportunities are arising for companies, both new and established, for example in energy transition and recycling. The Sustainability sector team at Rutgers & Posch advises those companies and their investors on a diverse range of matters, including innovative financial instruments such as green bonds, project financing, government guarantee and subsidy schemes, commercial contracts and the importance of sustainability in the boardroom. By carefully monitoring the latest developments, both in sustainability and in their areas of expertise, our lawyers offer clients more than purely legal input.

Rutgers & Posch’s carbon-neutral advice

Did you know that all our advisory services are carbon-neutral? Our strategy is to reduce our footprint where we can, and use smart compensation solutions everywhere else. Although this represents a modest contribution to sustainability, we increase our impact by helping our clients with smart sustainability improvements. Click here to find out more about our sustainable and social initiatives.