Real Estate

The rapid developments in the real estate sector affect various parts of this sector. In response to the increasing popularity of e-commerce more distribution centres are being built, both at infrastructure hubs and in the ‘last mile’. At the same time, this development is leaving traditional shopping centres with more and more vacancies. This then attracts businesses with a local focus, or they are redesignated as residential properties. The constantly evolving standards for workspaces are also changing the real estate sector.

Regulations frequently do not reflect the latest developments. Demands from the circular and sustainable economy pose challenges for development and redevelopment projects, in particular in city centres. They also carry costs, and may force owners to modify their properties. At the local level, spatial planning possibilities appear to lag behind market developments by several years. Property developers are frequently surprised by the demands that local governments suddenly impose.

Our Real Estate team assists buyers, sellers, developers, lessors and lessees, with a focus on purchases and sales of new development and redevelopment projects for high-end office locations, such as the Atrium complex in Amsterdam and New Babylon in The Hague, and mixed-use projects in city centres. This complicated environment is where our experienced team of specialists provide the most added value: we can draw on our full understanding of sale and purchase contracts, property development, real estate financing and lease law.

We also advise owners of real estate portfolios about the legal aspects of asset management. As a result we stay informed about the most important issues facing users of real estate. We also assist developers and institutional investors in the logistics sector, with input from our Mobility sector team.

We advise and litigate on:

  • Real estate transactions (share and asset deals, including forward funding and turnkey)
  • Development and redevelopment projects (from residential and mixed use and offices to distribution centres)
  • Lease law
  • Financing arrangements (project-based and asset-based)
  • Fund structuring
    and more