Finance & Portfolios

Our Finance & Portfolios team enables financial institutions and companies to succesfully navigate the various stages of the financing process and to find the best fitting legal solution. For example, financing by banks, funding platforms or capital markets investors. Some of these financing arrangements are asset-backed, whilst others depend entirely on the cash flows generated by the relevant assets. Our team also assits clients in safely transferring portfolios of assets and/or liabilities from one entity to another.

The Finance & Portfolios team at Rutgers & Posch advises on banking and capital markets products, both Dutch and international:

  • Leveraged/acquisition finance
  • Portfolio transactions
  • Securitisations, covered bonds and debt capital markets
  • Syndicated loans and club deals
  • Real estate finance

Our clients include banks, investors, companies, funding platforms, trust offices, funds, startups, credit rating agencies, government authorities and more.