Inge de laat writes note to ruling in JAR on an employee’s possible duty to inform her employer of her position regarding Covid-19 vaccination

Inge de Laat has written an annotation in JAR 2024/105 of the judgment of the Court of Appeal of The Hague (the Court) dated 20 February 2024 (ECLI:NL:GHDHA:2024:211) on an employee’s possible duty to inform the employer about the view on Covid-19 vaccination. Inge’s annotation addresses various privacy aspects of this employee’s duty to inform. The case concerned an employee, holding the position of director of security, who…

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Dormant employment contracts

What is the reference date for determining whether there is a real reintegration opportunity in dormant employment agreements? Is this reference date at the time an employee’s employment has become dormant or at the time an employee makes the termination proposal to the employer? The Supreme Court answers this question in a recent ruling of 15 March 2024 (ECLI:NL:HR:2024:400). In 2019, the Supreme Court already provided clarity on…

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Working time: how is it defined?

A recent Supreme Court ruling of 15 March 2024 (ECLI:NL:HR:2024:426) raises the following question: does on-call duty with permanent on-call status for a group of ambulance staff qualify as working time or rest time? The Supreme Court answers this question on the basis of the Working Time Directive (Directive 2023/88/EC) and its interpretation by the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU). What was this case about?The…

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The future of the non-compete clause in The Netherlands

Plans to tighten the non-competition clause have been developed into a bill. The draft bill on modernisation of the non-competition clause was announced on 4 March 2024 and is up for internet consultation until 15 April 2024. Thereafter, the bill will be sent to the House of Representatives, either in amended form or not. The legal requirements for using a non-competition clause are currently limited. The only conditions…

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Report of Dirk Jan Rutgers’ participation in Spring European Employment Summit in Dublin

Dirk Jan Rutgers participated as Dutch expert employment law panelist in the recent Spring European Employment Summit in Dublin on 7 March 2024. This is an initiative of the organization International Employment Lawyer (IEL). Rutgers & Posch’ employment team is a member of the IEL. The subject of this panel’s session in which also the UK, Finland and Austria were represented was about creating healthier, safer workplaces. Workplace…

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Recent ruling by the Dutch district court regarding a transfer of undertaking following an ICT-contract change

In a recent judgement on February 14, 2024 (ECLI:NL:RBMNE:2024:749), the Dutch district court ruled that there was no transfer of undertaking following a change of contract between two ICT companies, concerning the provision of a bank’s datacenter services. Transfer of undertaking Because the employees involved in a transfer of undertaking retain the rights and obligations that arise from their employment agreements, it is relevant for the transferor, the…

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