Rutgers & Posch was founded in 2013 by a group of ambitious lawyers with extensive international experience. They left their senior positions with leading law firms with a new kind of firm in mind. A law firm of lawyers at the top of their game, but who would also have an eye for the world outside the legal profession. With a focus on the legal issues, but without losing sight of the human dimension. A firm where people work in compact teams in a transparent manner and on the basis of fair rates. Characterised by an informal culture, and based in an inspiring Amsterdam location.

That location is on the Herengracht, right in the old centre of Amsterdam. We work there with about 40 lawyers for large and small clients from the Netherlands and abroad. We advise on corporate law, finance and insolvency law, employment law, real estate, health law and commercial law and litigation. Thanks to our Flexible Legal Services, Rutgers & Posch can also provide the legal expertise in other areas or second legal support to own office for a longer period of time.

Rutgers & Posch has its feet planted firmly in society. Clearly, our choice to establish a firm in the heart of the city points in that direction. However, this is also evidenced by our not-for-profit activities and partnerships with societal institutions and charities.