8 June 2023

“From the very beginning we have had the luxury that both starters and more experienced associates are interested in our office and see us as an alternative to the classic large offices. This allows us to select talent that not only has the right qualities, but also as a person fits well with what we stand for,” say office director Merel van der Kamp and managing partner Tijmen Noordoven. Thanks to R&P College and their way of working, Rutgers & Posch succeeds not only in attracting talent, but also in retaining it.

Tijmen Noordoven: “Exactly ten years ago, Rutgers & Posch was founded by a number of partners from several large national and international firms. Their goal was to deliver the same quality, serve similar clients and handle the same kind of matters they were used to at their old firm, but from the center of Amsterdam in a fun way and with more consideration for each other.”

Despite the fact that Rutgers & Posch is now about four times larger than it was a decade ago, this approach is still firmly rooted in the firm’s DNA. This appears to have a great appeal to both employees of well-known large firms, as well as graduates just entering the job market.

For about a year now, the firm has also been taking on trainee attorneys. Merel van der Kamp: “We postponed that decision for a while. Mainly because we only wanted this if we actually had something to offer beyond professional training.” To provide that added value, R&P College was established, consisting of a bachelor’s phase for the lawyer trainees and a master’s phase for 4th through 6th year associates.

“A personal training plan is created with participants in R&P College. This focuses on the qualities and training needs of each individual participant and provides customization. In the bachelor phase, the focus is on vocational training and developing knowledge and skills. In the master phase, the depth is sought, and a media performance, business development or Grotius course, or an internship abroad, for example, can be part of the personal training plan.”

Tijmen Noordoven: “Then, of course, there is the question of how we manage to keep talent with us. The answer to that question is actually quite simple: by working for great clients on interesting cases, and meanwhile also keeping an eye out for each other and having fun at and in work.”

Rutgers & Posch likes to facilitate that, going beyond the traditional office get-togethers and outings. For example, during the summer months, the office has “Rutgers & Posch aan Zee,” an office location on the beach in Zandvoort from which employees can work. The office boat that employees can use not only with each other but also privately on weekends also contributes to this. Finally, playing sports together during the annual office triathlon or the Dam tot Damloop also strengthens team spirit and good cooperation.

“We give employees a lot of freedom and flexibility and trust them to use it responsibly. That trust has never been damaged. Everyone understands what is expected and when to work hard or leave room for some relaxation. You also shouldn’t always take yourself too seriously.”

Source: Mr-Online (in Dutch)