Once again Rutgers & Posch opens a ‘pop-up’ office In Zandvoort aan Zee!

29 June 2017

Once again at Rutgers & Posch we have opened a ‘pop-up’ office in Zandvoort aan Zee, giving our lawyers the opportunity to work from a beachfront office during the summer of 2017. There is also room for meetings and get-togethers with clients who would like a change of scenery, to a calmer and less formal setting. Perhaps you will find, that spending a day by the sea will not only give you an enjoyable break from your usual routine, but also allow us to gain a new perspective on your legal matters.

Would you like to come take a look?

For more information please contact Aladár Bleeker.

T: +31 6 2139 0296
E: aladar.bleeker@rutgersposch.com