Rutgers & Posch advises Blue Point Capital Partners and Hilco Vision on the acquisition of Optiplus and Proteye

29 September 2016

Blue Point Capital Partners, in conjunction with its portfolio company, Hilco Vision, successfully completed the acquisitions of Optiplus and Proteye. These transactions represent the second and third add-on acquisitions for Hilco Vision since Blue Point acquired the platform investment in May 2014.

The Hilsinger Company acquired 100% of the shares in Optiplus B.V.and Proteye Veiligheidsbrillen B.V.  through her Dutch subsidiary Hilco Netherlands B.V.

The Hilsinger Company is a leading  supplier of eye wear and eye care accessories, supplies, and equipment in North America, the United Kingdom and Australia and serves numerous major customers in continental Europe and South America.  Optiplus is the market leading distributor for eyewear accessories, professional tools and lens-care in the Netherlands. Proteye is the market leading designer, manufacturer and distributor of RX industrial safety eyewear, sports frames and swimming goggles.

With the acquisition of Optiplus and Proteye., the Hilsinger Company strengthens her wholesale, distribution and e-distribution activities in the Benelux and Germany.

Buyer: Bleu Point Capital/ Hilco Netherlands B.V.

Advisors Legal: Rutgers & Posch – Lennaert Posch, Valerie Haans, Babette Waltma, Baker Hostetler – John Allotta

Advisors Finance/Tax: Deloitte

Sellers Optiplus: Optiplus Beheer B.V. and Pocket Holding B.V.

Advisors Legal: HVG – Martin Kaptein, Jeroen van den Bliek

Seller Proteye: Hulshof Holding B.V.

CF Advisor: Veerman Lukaart, Wim Lukaart